Máy in mã vạch RING 4012PIH

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Máy in mã vạch RING 4012PIH

Độ phân giải: 300 dpi

Tốc độ in: 15mm - 152mm/sec.

Hãng sản xuất: Autonics Japan

Bảo hành: 12 tháng theo tiêu chuẩn nhà sản xuất.

Không bảo hành đối với máy in lỗi xước đầu in nhiệt.

Phương thức in *Truyền nhiệt/ chuyển nhiệt
*In kiểm soát đầu in
Độ phân giải 300 dpi
Tốc độ in 1"- 6"/ s (15mm - 152mm/sec.)
Độ rộng nhãn in 4.25"/108mm
Chiều dài nhãn in 27.5"/700mm
Bộ nhớ *8MB SDRAM
*4MB Flash
Kiểu in nhãn *Die cut labels
*Butt cut Labels tags
*Tag stock
*Roll stock(Continuous s/o die cuts)
*Fan Fold
Độ rộng cuộn giấy  in *4.5"/116mm
Độ dày nhãn in *0.0025" to 0.01"/0.0635mm to 0.254mm
Đường kính Ribon thiết kế *Đường kính lớn nhất: 9.4"/240mm 
Đường kính Ribon thực tế *Đường kính lớn nhất: 2.95"/75mm 
Khoang chứa *Toàn bộ khoang chứa bằng thép.
Màn hình LCD *Hiển thị 2 dòng 8 ký tự gồm chữ và số.
*Back Light
Cảm biến *Ribbon sensor (Reflective method)
*Label sensor(Transmit method)
*Media Home position sensor
(Transmit-Auto calibration method)
Thông báo lỗi thường gặp *Label/Ribbon empty
*Head open
(Each error is notified by buzzer and LCD
Mã vạch *Code39, Code93, Code128, NW7, 2 of 5(Industrial, Matrix and Interleaved), EAN-JAN 13/8, UPC-A/E, EAN128, QR Code,PDF417, Data Matrix, Maxi Code, RSS
Chế độ và chức năng in *Peel off, Tear off(demand type)with label back feed for top of label printing. 
*Batch printing(Stip-for continous printing of labels. Can be used with optional External Rewinder)
*Butt cut label printing(Requires optional back side mark sensor)
Tính năng ngôn ngữ lập trình *Advanced Label marking language-ALL
*ALL commmand are all ASCII characters. This allows flexibility with many environments and platforms
*Easy to program and format printing areas
*Pixel programming allows expanded area of up to 4 times
Four direction print rotation(0,90,180 & 270 degrees)
Reverse print and area fill in
*Mirror print
*Half Tones
*Lines, dotted lines, angle lines and boxes
Bit image data transfer and printing
*Downloadable graphics, text, font and formats to optional memory card
*Character Set(Code page)table
*Communication and print functions
*RLE data compression
*Graphic supported AIM, AIX, BMP, PCX(Monochrome only)

Bảng điều khiển phía trước với chức năng điều chỉnh lựa chọn bằng phần mềm


*Print Speed/Energy Settings
*Print Density
*Label Print Position
*Cutting Position
*Thermal Transfer/Direct Thremal
*Test Printing

Cổng kết nối

*RS232/to 115,200 baud rate, Line Control-RS-CS, XON-XOFF, ER-DR, Stop Bits, Parity, Data length
Nguồn điện vào 115 V +-10% AC50/60 HZ, 240 V +-10% AC 50/60 HZ
Nhiệt độ, độ ẩm môi trường làm việc *Máy làm việc trong nhiệt độ: 5 - 40oC
*Độ ẩm không khí: < 85%
*Không đặt máy trong môi trường quá bụi và có chất ăn mòn.
Lựa chọn thêm *Cutter(Slide type) - Dao cắt kiểu trượt
*Cutter(Non stop rotary type) - Dao cắt quay liên tục
*External Label Stocker - Khay đựng nhãn
*8MB Flash memory
*LAN interface 100 Base-TX/10 Base-T(TCP/IP Protocol)
Phần mềm *BarTender Ultra Lite Plus
*Windows Drivers
Kích thước *8.9"W x 11.8"H x 10.25"D(225mmW x 300mmH x 260mmD)
Trọng lượng *12.5kg

Autonics proposes best suited ink ribbon according to customers requirement from our various ink ribbon lineup.

Types and features of representative ink ribbon





Compatible paper


Wax type

Low cost standard ink ribbon. High 
transferability against pulp type label.
Low durability.


Wood Free paper
/Coated paper

For Logistics
Management for entering and

Low cost label for general logistics
Label for mass production 
Refrigeration/Water resistance label


High sensitivity ink ribbon. Suitable for 
high density high speed printingon pulp 
type label. 
Low durability.

High transferability
coated paper

Semi resin type
(Wax + Resin)

Semi resin ribbon with high transferability 
against coat paper much like AN. 
Obtains some endurance and water
resistance by combining with label. 
This is the ribbon with some durability 
against scratch.

Coated paper/
Mirror coated paper

Resin type

High transferability against film type label. 
Possesses heat resistant, water resistant,
durability against scratch, weather corrosion,
and solvent resistance. 
Most affordable ribbon among resin type 
ribbon that has good adoptability among
various ribbon types.


Synthetic paper

Polyester Film label


For manufacturing
Product name plate/Management of
production assembling

High endurance label (Product name plate)

Heat resistant label
(For engine, printed board)

Chemical corrosion resistant 
(For metal drum)

Weather corrosion resistant
(For out door use/PL labeling)


High transferability against film type label. 
Possesses heat resistant, water resistance,
durability against scratch, weather corrosion,
and solvent resistance. Most durable ribbon
against scratch among various types of ribbon.
Recommended for precise printing.

Synthetic paper

Polyester Film label



High transferability against film type label. 
Possesses heat resistant, water resistance, 
durability against scratch, weather corrosion, 
and solvent resistance. 
Most solvent resistant among various ribbons.
(Against alcohol and chlorofluorocarbon) 
The second most durable

Synthetic paper

Polyester Film label



Functionality, print quality and cost are factors that should be considered for selecting label type.
It is considered as one of our important job to propose best suited label for customer according to its usage.
Autonics proposes various label best suited for our Barcode printer.


Types and features of representative label  - On a scale of 1 to 5 -



Type and feature







Pulp type

Thermal paper
Wood Free paper
Coated paper

Thermal paper
The paper turns to becomes black by adding heat.
It is economical as it does not requires ink ribbon.
The smoothness of surface is less therefore not recommended
for fine printing.

Wood Free paper
This is most economical paper among thermal transfer paper.
Most commonly used paper. Color type available.
Durability can not be expected as it is made by paper material.

Coated paper
Standard paper for thermal transfer printer.
Colorant is applied on surface of quality paper to improve suitability
for printing. The ink tends to become stable after 2 days from printing.
There are color types available. Quality paper and Mirror coated paper are considered as representative however there are other types available.
Quality paper
There is natural brilliance on surface and has sociality for quality printing

Mirror coated paper
Mirror finished coat paper. More brilliance compare to regular quality paper.
Mostly used as food product label as it obtains some durability against water and scratch by combining with ink ribbon.

Synthetic paper type


The polyester or polypropylene that is processed to obtain paper like suitability for rinting. There is label that possesses strong durability which level is competitive with polyester film. PVC 
Deposited film with polypropylene with internal paperlized method.

Film type

Polyester Film label

This is very useful material when required storage stability and durability can not be covered by pulp type paper. Especially polyester material is
superior when various kind of durability is required however the cost is relatively high. There are transparent, mat, and deposition type with thickness of from12 to 250μ available.

Polyester Film label
Polyester material. White Polyester Film label in which thermal transfer coating is applied on surface. Durable against various factors.

Polyester with aluminum deposition.
Most durable against scratch.
Designated paper of UL standard for U.S.A.

The heat resistant material (Polyimide) with thermal transfer coating.
The barcode readability still stays after 15 minuets of heating with temperature of 300℃. (250℃ in case of longer period of heating)
Used for testing in high temperature room or board management.
High cost film.


* This is brief explanation of each material based on the evaluation.
* There is various type of material available other than these. Please contact us for details.


Logistics management label
Thermal transfer label that suppresses grazing on high speed
printing is recommended. It is competitive in terms of cost
performance as well.
The followings are representative combinations.


Pulp type label
Coated label
Wood Free label
Thermal label

Ink ribbon

Wax type ribbon
Medical test substance inspection label
Durability against chemicals such as alcohol is required.
There is also thermal paper with coating that prevents tarnishing
by alcohol available.
The followings are representative combinations.


Pulp type label
Coated paper
(Alcohol resistance thermal label)

Film type label
Polyester Film label

Ink ribbon

Resin type ink ribbon
Name plate label

Endurance, heat resistant, durability against weather corrosion
(Temperature, Humidity) are required.
Adhesive is selectable for various conditions and also various
thickness are available.
The followings are representative combinations.


Synthetic paper/Film type label
Synthetic paper
Polyester Film label
Metallized Silver Polyester Label

Ink ribbon

Resin type ink ribbon
Food product label
Most proven material for product that is kept and sold
in cold storage.
The followings are representative combinations.


Pulp type label
Thermal paper
Coated paper
Mirror coated paper

Ink ribbon

Wax type ribbon

Semi resin type ribbon
Shipping label
Wood Free paper or coated paper is recommended for
the shipping label.
The followings are representative combinations.


Pulp type label
Thermal paper
Wood Free paper
Coated paper

Ink ribbon

Wax type label

Semi resin type ribbon

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