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Máy in thẻ nhựa Datacard SD260

Máy in thẻ nhựa Datacard SD260

Thông Tin Cơ Bản

Hãng sản xuất: Datacard

Model: SD260

Tình trạng: Mới 100%

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Giá: Vui Lòng Gọi

Mô Tả Sản Phẩm

The Datacard® SD260 card printer puts value right on your desktop. Save time and increase workday efficiency with this best-in-class card printer, ideal for many ID card issuance and badging applications.

  • Produce vibrant and crisp images with TrueMatch™ technology
  • Experience extreme reliability with TruePick™ card handling
  • Support your environmental commitments with Earth-friendly features
  • Increase productivity with speeds that are over 33% faster than competitive printers in the same class

Engineered for Earth-friendly performance.
Now your ID card issuance can be fast, efficient - and green. The SD260 is an ENERGY STAR® qualified printer, and in addition, biodegradable cores with EcoPure® additive and recyclable parts and packaging make it the industry’s first environmentally friendly desktop card printer.

Advanced technology for superior image quality.
New TrueMatch™ printing technology creates vibrant, crisp and clean credentials that are both secure and visually impressive. The SD260 printer lets you produce predictably outstanding images by emulating the sRGB industry standard color space for improved color management. 

Intuitive operation simplifies card printing.
There’s no learning curve with the SD260 printer. The printer display panel automatically alerts users when supplies are running low. Installation and printer operations are easy to understand with the helpful documentation tools provided with the XPS Printer Driver installation.  The browser-based printer manager makes it easy to control printer settings.

Superior speed and reliability for worry-free printing.
Never worry about jamming again with TruePick™ card handling. You can save work time and increase productivity by experiencing the fastest print speed in its class.

Compact size creates more room on your desktop.
The SD260 card printer fits on any desktop and is ideal for many card printing applications. It is equipped with a 100-card input hopper and 25-card output hopper for easier desktop functions, with the option for single-card feed and extended 100-card output hopper.

  • Magnetic stripe encoding (ISO and JIS)
  • Smart card personalization
  • Extended 100-card output hopper
  • Kensington® security lock for printer
  • Printer cleaning supplies
  • Print ribbon kits


Tính Năng Kỹ Thuật


  • Print technology                                           
    • Direct-to-card dye-sublimation/resin thermal transfer
  • Print capabilities                                           
    • One-sided, edge-to-edge printing; manual two-sided printing
    • Full-color and monochrome printing capability
    • Alphanumeric text, logos and digitized signatures; 1D/2D bar code images
    • Printer pooling/sharing (available soon)
  • Print resolution                                             
    • 300 dots per inch, 256 shades per color panel
  • Print speed                                                    
    • Full-color printing: up to 200 cards per hour, one-sided (YMCKT)
    • Monochrome: up to 830 cards per hour, one-sided (black HQ)
  • Card capacity   
    • Automatic feed: 100-card input for 0.030 in. (0.76 mm) cards; 25-card output standard
    • Manual feed: 1-card input; 5-card output for 0.030 in. (0.76 mm) cards
  • Physical dimensions
    • L 15.4 in. x W 6.9 in. x H 8.8 in. (39.1 cm x 17.5 cm x 22.4 cm)
  • Weight
    • 8.1 lbs (3.7 kg) (depending on options)
  • Operating system support for printer driver
    • Windows® 7 / Windows Vista® (32 and 64 bit)
    • Windows Server® 2008 (64 bit)
    • Windows XP SP3 / Windows Server 2003 R2 (32 bit)
    • Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) certified
  • Environment/energy-saving features
    • ENERGY STAR® qualified printer
    • Biodegradable supply cores made with EcoPure® additive
    • Recyclable enclosure plastics (marked with recycle symbol per Resin Identification Code)
    • Recyclable packaging
  • Included with printer
    • Printer driver CD, Quick Install Guide and warranty
    • Free ID Works® Intro identification software
    • Cleaning pen
    • Cleaning roller spindle
    • USB cable
    • Power supply
    • Power cord (region-specific)
  • Warranties                                                     
    • 30-month standard depot warranty
    • 30-month printhead warranty (no pass restrictions)


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